What Is a Web Developer?

What Is a Web Developer?

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26 FEB 2020

Today I am going to tell you what is a web developer?

Today I am going to tell you what is a web developer? As we all know, today the internet has reached every household. Nearly half of the world's population has access to the internet. There are about 40 crore internet users in India alone. You might have noticed that if we want information about anything, we take the help of Google. All that information is made available to us in just a second.

Do you know that the internet obtains all the information through websites? We all must have once asked this question, who makes these websites and how do these websites work? The website is the address of the Internet where you get information related to something. In the article, I will tell you about the creator of the website. Basically, a web developer is a person who builds the website, prepares the database, makes the web-based software, does the domain hosting management. The website is built by coding. The coding part of the website is prepared by the web developer. Whatever process is there from website to show search results in Google, and to provide information to you, it is done by Web Developer.

There are two types of website development

Types Of Website Development
  • Back end development
  • Front end development

Front end development:

Front end development is also called client-side development. In front end development, coding is done for things like website designing, website theme. The better the website looks, the more complex its coding is. In front end development, data is converted into a graphical interface. Information made on the website is shown by front end development only. Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript are used for front end development.

Back-end development:

Back-end development is not visible to the users and it contains all the coding of the website which helps in running the website. The back end development is called the backbone of the website. The entire database of the website is managed by a back-end developer. This is the most complex part of the website.

Two persons work to create any website, web designer, and web developer. The web developer performs the backend development work of the website. Web developers work on the functionality coding of the website and make the website run smoothly. Whatever pictures and whatever information you see inside the website. The management of all of them is also done by the web developer.

Types of website:

E-Commerce Website

Around 206 crore people all over the world are spending their money to buy goods online. We all know that there are many eCommerce sites on the internet, from where we get our favorite things at a good price. But what exactly is this e-commerce site? The E-commerce site is a medium by which you can buy and sell goods through the internet. Millions of people are buying their essential goods sitting at home at a good price, without any hassle and safely.

Static landing Page

On a blogging website, you must have seen that recent posts are shown on the homepage. We call this homepage dynamic homepage. And when we set the homepage to a custom page it is called static homepage. Static means constant. On the static page, you can make many modifications, such as showing selected posts to visitors.

Responsive Web Designing

The purpose of responsive design is to create web pages that detect visitors' screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. For this, it resizes, enlarges, shrink or move pages and content using CSS and HTML so that the content is readable and view-able according to the screen size.

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