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How to become a Front End Developer?

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14 MARCH 2021

You see different websites every day and use the mobile app and you have always been asking how are such websites are made, who are the people who make such interesting mobile apps? And if you want to develop a website / App, then where to start? What kind of skills and qualifications are required for this? If you have the same question, then you have reached the right place. People who create such websites are called Web Developer, you can also call them Front End Developer. Let's see how to become a Front End Developer or how to become a Web Developer?

What is Front End Development?

Front End Development is a rapidly emerging profession and is in great demand. The responsibility of a Front End Developer is to develop and maintain websites. Keep in mind that how the website is appearing, how it is performing and how the user interaction is happening with it? And at the same time keep upgrading the website using new technologies and trends.

What is HTML?

In the beginning being a Front End Developer, first of all you have to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is used to create pages of websites. This is a very old language and its latest version is HTML 5. Blocks of webpages are created using elements of HTML which are displayed through various tags.

You can use any Text Editor to create HTML pages such as Notepad, Sublime, Brackets or Atom and then save it with .html or .htm extensions. Through HTML, you can add images, text, audio, video, forms, tables to website pages. The good thing about HTML is that it can be learned very easily.

What is CSS?

CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) is used to add styles to simple pages of HTML. Such as adding colors, defining the size of buttons, using background images, positioning margins and padding of pages properly, showing animation, etc.

Through CSS, you can also tell how your website will look on different devices such as desktops, mobile phones and tablets. You can provide a better User Experience by using CSS.

What is CSS Preprocessor?

How to become a Front End Developer

Once you have learned CSS and you want to learn Advance CSS, then you can move towards CSS Preprocessor. CSS Preprocessor has many options such as SaSS, LeSS, PostCSS, Stylus etc . which helps to give more better functionality to your CSS. SaSS and PostCSS have become very popular in a very short time and are in great demand among developers.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a programming language a Front End Developer must learn. You can develop pages of web by using HTML and CSS, but to add functionality to them, you need to visit Javascript.

Javascript Developer is in great demand as it is used in both - Front End Development and Back End Development. Through javascript you can perform these things on webpage:

  • Popup / Modal window can be created
  • Interactive form can develop and validate
  • Can create image slider / gallery along with sidebar
  • Can design website navigation
  • Can trigger an event

In the beginning of learning Front End Development, learning HTML and CSS as well as Javascript increases your chances of getting a job.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is also a Front End Development Framework that helps you create a responsive website, as it already has re-usable HTML, CSS and Javascript, so that you don't have to write new CSS.

Bootstrap is a free framework and you can download it from and by using it you can easily create a website in minutes. To create a customized website in Bootstrap, you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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